Friday, March 17, 2006

Previously on Master Yoda's Blog...

Yes, I know that very late this post is. Stupid Blogger's fault it is! But worry not! A Force-wedgie I have given all Blogger employees at once. By the way, late tomorrow's post will be too. But my fault that will be. Maybe Force-wedgie the Blogger employees again anyway, I will. Hmm, yes.

Provided some highlights from past posts below I have. If new to this blog and lazy you are, read my past posts you have not. Perhaps do this I should not, because enabling your laziness that would be, but here some more of the highlights are:

(To each individual post, the descriptions link.)

Want to do this to my Dolly collectibles, who would?!

Still know how this happened I do not.

Sure I am not, but I think different Jar Jar looks here. Put my finger on the reason I can not.

Sometimes, immature Kenobi can be.

Complications it causes when stuck like this my neck is.

Mean for anyone to see me in my pajamas, I did not.


Comments on "Previously on Master Yoda's Blog..."


Blogger Professor Xavier said ... (1:07 PM) : 

Hey! You didn't give a force wedgie to Blogger employees - you gave it to Blogger users!

Now my Spider-Man under-roos are lodged deep in a place I don't want them to be!

If you do that again I might start practicing the psionic-wedgie you suggested a couple of months ago!


Blogger Jabafatboy said ... (5:01 PM) : 


I really thought it was Ms Piggy at first and then I looked real close and realized it was Yoda.

A picture of yoda $ 20 Credits

A picture of Yoda in a Piggy Outfit $ 200 Credits

Blackmailin his little butt

Priceless !!


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (12:02 AM) : 

Sorry about that I am, Professor X. A tricky thing, aiming Force-wedgies across cyberspace is.


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