Monday, January 09, 2006

A Visit From Mommy - Part II

Still visiting here at the Temple, my mom is. Unfortunately, begun spoiling some of the Jedi she has. Very frustrating this is. But she says if give her grandyounglings her 'uncaring son' will not, have to get grandyounglings of her own, she will.

For instance, a whole batch of cookies for Kenobi she had baked.

Drooling all over himself, he was. "Chunky Cheeto Chip! Muh favorite!"

"Mommy!" I protested, "Trying to get him to lose weight, we are! No good for him, those are!"

"Oh, nonsense," she said as off she waved me, "a growing boy he is."

"Thirty-seven years old he is! In the middle, the only growing he does now is!"

Giving money to Young Skywalker, I caught her.

"Here, some fun with your friends have."

"Yo, thanks Mama Y!" Young Skywalker said, "You da bomb!"

"Mommy! Give him money do not!" I said, "Always money he borrows. The money he wastes, and never he gives it back!"

"Be silly do not!" she said, "A fuddy-duddy you are! Young he is. His wild oats he needs to sow."

"Yeah, Yodes," Young Skywalker chimed in, "you a fudd... uh... fud... what she said! Why you gots to be hatin' all the time?"

"Yes," my mom agreed, "Be hating you should not! Hee hee! The way young people talk nowadays! So funny it is!"

"Well I gotta blaze, or else I'll be late for the bus and spit."

"What?" my mom said, "Catch the bus you must not! Do, that will not! A perfectly good airspeeder Yoda has. Take it you must."

"What?!!" To choke on my own spittle I started.

"Yo, you fly, Mama Y!"

"Hee hee! 'Fly' I am. Hee hee!"

Going to go crazy I am.

Comments on "A Visit From Mommy - Part II"


Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said ... (11:29 PM) : 

Wow, spoiling the jedi seems to be theraputic for your mom's desire to grandyounglings. So... since you're already catching bantha poo for not being married and having kids, can I send my mom over? She's got the same issues as your mom. You probably wouldn't even really notice her, it'd just be your mom, but in stereo.

So, tomorrow at 3, then? Good, I'll call her and let her know.

Thanks Master Yoda, you rock :)


Blogger ninjanun said ... (11:43 PM) : 

Oh, poor Yoda. I know just how you feel. My Granny has been putting the heat on me about having younglings so she can have another great-grandyoungling before she goes.

I'm sure your mama is putting you in quite the pickle, especially as she's foiling all your best-laid plans for the other Jedi. What's next, swapping beauty tips with Windu? Allowing him to give her a blue "old lady" perm?


Anonymous Unassuming Local Guy said ... (12:07 AM) : 

Make her spend time with Mace Windu.


Blogger Bob the Bantha said ... (8:06 AM) : 

I'm sure your mama is putting you in quite the pickle

MUAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!! phlllllbbbbbtttt!!!!!


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (8:08 AM) : 

Good going, Ninjanun! The p-word you said!

Now take a week to get that smell out of the blog, it will!


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said ... (8:27 AM) : 

Wait, I don't want to be ungentlemanly or anything, but how old is your mom? She's has to be a thousand years old. I'll bet she's got a lot of motherly wisdom, maybe you should listen to her.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:14 AM) : 

He yoda , dont get you underoos in a bunch, ... oh wait.... what am I saying.



Be nice or she may cut you outa the will!!!


Blogger Wedge Antillies said ... (10:19 AM) : 

Hey, there's a thought. Have your mom visit Bob the Bantha and ask if he would like a p*****. Sure, you will take some flack, but it can't be any worse that what you're into now. Can it?


Blogger Shannon said ... (10:34 AM) : 

Master Yoda, can you like, send her my way? I could totally use some new Senate robes and shoes and stuff. I mean don't Grandmas like to go shopping and stuff?


Blogger Dinorider d'Andoandor said ... (2:10 PM) : 

ure mum rulz!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:14 PM) : 

Master Yoda you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I happen to know your mama and she is the sweetest, kindest, most loving person I know. You should kiss the ground she walks on. I would think in 900 yrs that some of these wonderful qualities of hers would have rubbed off onto you.

Mama-Y...YOU GO GIRL!!


Anonymous Jaina Solo said ... (2:41 PM) : 

I wish I could have seen your face when you saw her giving money to Anakin!!! Hehe! It must have been so funny!

P.S. I think making her spend time with Mace is a good idea!


Blogger Professor Xavier said ... (4:22 PM) : 

The solution is quite obvious, Master Yoda, though is going to be rather hard for you to accept. If you do admit to the obvious, and then take the appropriate course of action, all your problems with your mother will vanish.

All she wants is a hug. You do that and she will be happy and satisfied and leave you alone.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:41 PM) : 

Me thinks Yo Momma Been Payin Padawann Kathleen off again.


Obviously never had the Momma Y force Wedgie


Blogger Anakin Skywalker said ... (8:48 PM) : 

Yo momma is the best momma in the whole galaxy, yo! Momma Y is off the hizzy!


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