Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Purse It Is

I think maybe beyond help, Windu is. Trying to make him more macho we are, but working it is not. Some progress we thought we were making, but with a man-purse, Windu walked in today. Already "discussing" it when I came into the room, Windu and Kenobi were.

"What're ya carryin' there, Mace, a purse?"

"It is not a purse! It is an urban man bag! Can't you tell a purse when you see it?"

"Looks like a purse to me." Kenobi said.

"It is not a purse! It is an urban man-bag!" Windu objected.

"Right Kenobi is, a purse it looks like to me too."

"Well, I'm telling you it is not a purse!"

Kenobi snickered. "Can ya put stuff in it?"

"Yes, of course."

"Do ya put it over your shoulder?"


"Well, then, what part of 'purse' cain't you understand?"

"Very good, Kenobi. Almost sense that made. But right he is, Windu. A purse that is."

"Yeah," Kenobi chuckled, "I think I'll start callin' you Mary from now on."

"IT'S NOT A PURSE! You people really need to open your minds! Lots of men have started wearing urban man bags! It's convenient, it's trendy, and, most of all, it is manly! That's right, I said, 'manly'! Only a real man can walk around carrying one of these bags! It is manly to want a place to carry your important things, like head shine cream, vanity mirrors, and your favorite Beenie Baby! It is manly. It is manlier than manly!"

"Going where are you?"

"I have to get some shoes to match this bag! It clashes with everything I have!"

As see you can, hopeless, Windu is.


Comments on "A Purse It Is"


Blogger Jason said ... (3:46 AM) : 

umm i think you made a boo boo Master Yoda

"Yeah," Windu chuckled, "I think I'll start callin' you Mary from now on."

shouldnt that have been Kenobi chuckling?


Blogger Vegeta said ... (5:23 AM) : 

Ha HA!Yeah he'd better be a real man, because running around with a man purse, willl probabaly start a lot of fights. or at least open him up to ridicule from complete strangers.


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said ... (8:06 AM) : 

I hope it's purple, because then it will match his lightsaber, too. So what happens if he's in a lightsaber fight and he's holding the bag? Does he use that?


Blogger Jabafatboy said ... (8:46 AM) : 

Its a purse !!!

Hey Windu , Dont forget the matchin Fanny Pack.

Maybe the temple governess will like it ? Windu can be her little manly boy !!



Blogger Bip said ... (10:40 AM) : 

Urban man Bag...I guess if he *did* get in a lightsaber fight he could hit them with it. My grandmother swings a mean purse.


Blogger Jaina Solo said ... (11:22 AM) : 

He-he, man bag. What will Mace think of next? So what is Mace's favorite Beenie Baby?

Master, I need some help. I can't figgure out how to upload a picture onto my profile. Its really annoying. Please help! I'm only learning.


Blogger Shannon said ... (11:58 AM) : 

Hmmm... I agree Windu is a total sissy, but ya know, man-bags ARE quite fashionable. And he's, like, off to buy shoes?

Wait Master Windu... WAIT FOR ME!
{Runs off}


Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said ... (1:11 PM) : 

Have you thought of placing a testosterone patch on Master Windu, that might help things a bit.

But I'm thinking if he's off to get shoes that match his bag, your goal of making him manly is a lost cause


Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said ... (1:20 PM) : 

A Urban Man Bag sound great. You can carry extra blaster ammo, helmet polish, pictures of your Lt. Cmdr...Uhh I mean pictures of your batch mates from Kamino (Turn red under the helmet)


Anonymous medrewnotyou said ... (1:38 PM) : 

A tetosterone patch...that's a great idea! I just hope for his sake that there's no problem with facial hair.


Blogger Wedge Antillies said ... (3:41 PM) : 

Facial hair? I'd worry more about hair on his back!


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (4:21 PM) : 

Jaina,Here, the answer you seek is:

How to post a picture to your profile, it tells.

If more guidance you need, email me you can.


Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said ... (4:47 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said ... (4:49 PM) : 

ewwww, thanks again for another lovely mental image, Wedge!

And AOC has a point, an Urban Man Bag could hold some very handy things. And it's sweet that you (AOC) have a picture of the people you care about, you'll have to show me the one of your batch mates. That could be an interesting looking picture.


Blogger Professor Xavier said ... (7:11 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Blogger Professor Xavier said ... (7:11 PM) : 

You know who else carries an Urban Man Bag? The Green Goblin, that's who. And that guy is nuts.


Blogger Red Woman said ... (12:33 AM) : 

Maybe it was the color of his lightsaber that causing the changes that we see today!


Anonymous medrewnotyou said ... (2:17 AM) : 

Back hair is *not* family friendly.


Blogger Deshanna said ... (11:47 PM) : 

They have a new term here just for people like Mace. The term is "Brokeback". It refers to items of questionable masculinity. As in, "I don't know, Mace. That bag is awful brokeback."


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