Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Pigsty This Place Is

Away on vacation, the Temple cleaning staff has been. Have their work cut for them when they get back, they will.

Impossible to get Kenobi to clean up after himself it is. Even when a little he cleans, all wrong he does it.

"Kenobi, sweep the kitchen floor like I told you, did you?"

"Yep. Sure did."

At that moment, a lump under one of the throw rugs I noticed. The rug I lifted up.

"Kenobi! Told you how many times have I that just sweep the dirt under the rug you can not?"

"But I seen Bugs Bunny do it lotsa times!"

To clean the bathroom, Windu volunteered. Turn out well that did not. To clean the mirror, the first thing he did was. Four hours later, still cleaning the mirror he was. Probably keep cleaning off the smudge marks from him kissing it, he had to.

Young Skywalker to do the laundry, I sent. A mistake that was. "Young Skywalker, remember to separate the colors and whites, did you?"

"Check it, I ain't into all that segregatin' hatin', yo. That was all outlawed and stuff a long time ago!"

"No, Young Skywalker, nothing like that this..."

"And why you got to be a hater like 'at, anyway, Y? You some kinda laundry racist, yo?"

"What?! No! Listen, all wrong you got..."

"I thought you was all enlightened and spit!"

Wait until the cleaning staff gets back I can not!

Comments on "A Pigsty This Place Is"


Anonymous Darth PatMatticus said ... (8:35 AM) : 

Master Yoda, Your bigotry disappoints me.


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (8:39 AM) : 

Aaaaaaah! An hour I spent explaining this to Young Skywalker! Confused you are too?

Nothing to do with race, separating laundry has! Archie Bunker I am not!


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said ... (8:57 AM) : 

I'll back you up, Yoda, I know that you're not a racist.

I've never seen you participate in a 100-meter dash or anything.


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (8:58 AM) : 

Thanks Jon, always count on you I can.


Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said ... (1:01 PM) : 

Why do you have to seperate the laundry, you all seem to wear the same colors? Unless someone is sporting some hot pink or red panties/boxers.

Something you'd like to share with us, Master Yoda?


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (3:21 PM) : 

Young Skywalker's Spider-man underoos, it is. All the whites turn pink they make!


Anonymous Jaina Solo said ... (4:27 PM) : 

Hey Yoda, I totally know that you were not being racist being green and all.

But Yaddle not be a better choise to do the laundery? Better than little Anni who had his mother to do everything for him.


Blogger Jason said ... (5:37 PM) : 

Hey yoda, man its been a long few days since i was last here, recently upgraded my OS to Windows XP, I have. But bugs it still has, a hardware problem it has to be since formatting it didn't help. Maybe someday i will build a new and better one...

Btw Thanks for answering my question! Theres a seconday part to it now...what would the Kenobi/Windu clone personality be like? A lazy messy bum mixed with a clean freak...*eyes go glassy in wonder* maybe it'll self implode from the contradicting views


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:40 PM) : 

You can afford a CLEANING CREW !!

Jedi must pay better than Evil Hutt, wounder how i'd look in that jedi robe? Hmmmmmm


Blogger Anakin Skywalker said ... (9:25 PM) : 

Shuh, whatev. You is always tryin to hold down my homeboys. I ain't gonna be part of no seperate but equizzle shizzy. My underwear's just as much of a person as your robes, yo!


Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said ... (9:51 PM) : 

Yes, well that is what happens when you wear the same spiderman underoos for a long long time without ever washing them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:28 PM) : 

I think in all fairness Yoda, you have to give Kenobi credit. After all you did tell him to sweep the kitchen floor and that's exactly what he did. No less! You just didn't tell him what to do with the dirt after sweeping! Some folks do better with pictures.


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