Saturday, November 26, 2005

Attack on the Jedi Temple

A massive attack on the Jedi Temple, General Grievous and the droid army launched today. During Matlock this was, so very inconvenient for me it was. Call before attacking us, I wish Grievous would. But very impolite he can be.

Away from Coruscant most of the clone troopers were, so no back-up we had. At first, attacked the Temple, only about 50 droids had. Short work of them we made. But then, into the temple, hundreds of droids swarmed. Then thousands. Overwhelmed we were.

To fight creatively we had to. "Down the hallway by Kenobi's room, lead the droids!" the other Jedi I ordered.

Then, at just the right time, "Now, Kenobi!" I yelled.

At that moment, his door Kenobi opened. Out of his room a large cloud of Cheeto dust came. See, the droids could not. Also, getting stuck in their circuits the Cheeto dust was. Able to take out many of them that way, we were.

But enough, that was not. Still coming they were. So I ordered, "To the parking garage lead them!"

We kept retreating until in the parking garage we were. By the time Grievous and his troops had arrived there, waiting for them we were. At the far end of the parking garage, gathered behind Bob the Bantha, all the Jedi were. Pointed at Grievous and the droids, Bob's tushy was.

"Give up, Jedi," Grievous said, "You are cornered. There's no where you can run."

"Right you are, General," I said, "With you I agree. In quite a... uh... something we are. That word I'm looking for, what is? In what we are?"

"You mean you're in trouble?" Grievous offered.

"No, the word I am thinking of that is not. In something else we are."

"In deep doo-doo?"

"No, no. That, it is not either."

"In escrow?"


"In a rut?"


"In debt?"


"In like Flint?"

"No, the situation we are in now, it describes."

"In over your heads?"


"In danger?"


"In peril?"

"No. A food-related word it is, I think."

"In a jam?"

"No. I think with 'tickle' it rhymes."

"Oh, you mean 'pickle'. You're in quite a pickle!"

"WUAWWWWWWWWW!!!!" Bob the Bantha yelled, and then, phhlllllllllbbbbbbttttt!!!! Right on cue, it was.

Ever seen droids run so fast, I have not. But outrun the sonic fart wave, they could not. Smashed to pieces when blown against the wall by the wind, many of the droids were. The rest, melted by the toxic fumes right where they were standing, they were.

"Retreat!" Grievous yelled, "Re*cough*treat! *cough* *gag* *cough*". But too late it was. The only one left standing, he was. About to chase him we were, but out of the garage and into a waiting transport ship he jumped.

Other than that, today nothing much happened. Kind of boring it was. How about you?

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Anonymous 2nd Padawan from the Right said ... (1:17 AM) : 

We, the Loyal Padawan, were right behind you Master Yoda ... in the metaphorical sense, of course. When we realized that the opposition had invaded the Temple we snuck into Young Skywalker's room and smeared his hair gel throughout the hallways to slow em down. Then we then put on our oversized training helmets and squatted down to the floor. To the droid invaders we looked like a progressive shell as we held your flank ... well, not "your" flank specifically, cause that would just be inappropriate. Once things settled down we practiced turning out eyelids inside out. Ho Hum ... Sir!


Blogger Jason said ... (1:31 AM) : 

LOL Master Yoda...think I could borrow bob for a couple days...i need a new way to wake up the troops.


Blogger Noel of Neptonian said ... (1:34 AM) : 

Ahhhh hahaha that was so funny!

I knew Bob would be put to good use someday.

Now I think he deserves a medal or something for saveing the jedi.


Blogger General Grievous said ... (2:45 AM) : 

I really must and order those droids without a sense of smell and to think it cost extra for it.



Anonymous jabafatboy said ... (8:58 AM) : 

An expensive job it must have been to eliminate the smell from the temple . Great place for a plug in!!!


Blogger Qui-Gon Jinn said ... (9:25 AM) : 

Oh, right...
So when Bob farts during a battle, it's tactical genius.
But when I do it, it's bad etiquette. You didn't make him write out "Pass Gas During A Battle I Will Not" a thousand times on a holo-black-board, like, did you?
I, like, see how it is, man.


Anonymous redheadwithbedhead said ... (9:53 AM) : 

I had a dream that I almost got killed by a ghost which was acually some girls from my school.


Anonymous jabafatboy said ... (10:01 AM) : 

The Force Is Great with you Yoda. How else could you explain how an impulse engine could be fired in that gastly green cloud without taking out half the planet. Being short also paid off, Green cloud well above nose height.


Blogger Nic said ... (2:33 PM) : 

These last couple of posts have been truly inspored, Master Yoda. Nice to know that there's somewhat of a mischievious streak underneath that tough, green exterior! Way to rout the invaders. :)


Blogger Professor Xavier said ... (3:40 PM) : 

I thought the Jedi Code forbade biological warfare? I'm not saying the creep didn't deserve to be done in by a nasty stink-bomb, what with attacking during Matlock, and all. But that still seems cruel and unusual. Definitely cruel, anyway.


Anonymous wedge antillies said ... (3:44 PM) : 

Wow, I bet that 'gas' really aggrivated the General's cough. Now he will really loose any stealth abilities. Once again, common sense was more of a tool than the Force. No wonder you are head of the Jedi Order, Mr. Yoda.


Blogger Shaak Ti said ... (5:21 PM) : 

This really bites, my room is right next to the parking garage. NOW MY ROOM STINKS! waaah.... At least the droids are gone.


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (5:49 PM) : 

Get some Glade Plug-Ins for you, we will.


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