Friday, October 28, 2005

Fighting For My Life on Survivor I Am

Only two of us contestants left on Survivor: Tatooine there are. Up to the jury to decide now it is. But wait! All that is not! Explain to the jury why I should win, I must!

An excerpt, this is:

"Hello. Win why should I? The million credit question that is. Very simple the answer is.

"First of all, need the money, Qui-Gon does not. Dead he is! No good it will do him. In his ethereal form, slip through his pockets, the credits will.

"Secondly, very nice to all of you I have been..."

Typho: "Just a minute. What about all those times you called me 'Typo', and 'Typhoid', and 'Tai-Bo', and 'Tidy Bowl', and..."

Yoda: "Well, I.."

Palpatine: "Yes, and let us not forget the time that you stole into our camp in the middle of the night and, eh, 'made a deposit'."

Yoda: "Yes, but..."

Dooku: "That's quite correct, Old Boy. I say, the time you attacked me on the rock cliff...

Only worse it gets for me, from there. Read the rest of this post here you can.

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