Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Big Decision

Just read Windu's guest post, I have. Sympathetic to his pain, I am. Heard his concerns I have. Sensitive to his needs I am. And what will make him feel better I know - more Force-wedgies! Yes, cheer him up, that will. If not, cheer me up it will. And what's really important that is.

By the way, getting my "clogs tricked" I was not. Clogs I have not! Getting my claws trimmed, I was. That bad, my handwriting is not! Passive-aggressive Windu must be. Know where he gets that, I do not.

Anyway, considering retirement I am. Only thinking about it for the past 830 years I have been. Rush these decisions you can not.

Get the same same joy anymore from smiting down evil doers, I do not. Sure, fun it still is. But produce the same buzz as it used to, it does not. Besides, developing Smiter's Elbow, I am.

As young as I used to be, I am not. Oh, give what I would not if only 540 years old I could be again. Just a young snot, I was then. Still wet behind the ears I was. Hmm, yes, wasted on the young, youth is.

Besides, if retire I do not, drive me into an early grave, Kenobi will. Aged me an extra 20 years, he has. Before the Order he joined, bald I was not! A thick, luxuriant head of hair I had. But, as more annoying Kenobi became, the balder I would get. And just fall out, my hair would not. Much pulling of my own hair I would do. Help it I could not! How Jinn kept his own hippie hair for so long, I know not.

Still, miss all the smiting I would, even if as fun as it used to be it is not. Maybe spice up the smiting for variety I could. Yes, perhaps complacent with my smiting I have become.

Maybe take a few more decades to think about this I should.

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Blogger Haris said ... (4:26 AM) : 

I write to you as Haris a.k.a VxPhobos
Yes, they do say that youth is wasted on the young. But than again if you were only 540 yeras old woudl you still have your wisdom and really who needs zits.
Please note that VxPhobos, that is me now has a blog, more than in part inspired by this blog but not humorous that you can and please access. Thanks Master Yoda for introducing me into the wonderfull world of blogging. VxPhobos a.k.a. Haris


Blogger jedisiri said ... (5:18 AM) : 

hey how do you know that qui man's hair is real?*wink*


Anonymous CoolJediPrettyPinkPup said ... (10:08 AM) : 


Yoda!!! Dont retire!!!! The Jedi order needs you!!!!!!!!!

It would only be okay if you still blogged every day.

I'm fairly new to comments and I love your blog.


Blogger Chancellor Palpatine said ... (10:55 AM) : 

Yes...I do sense retirement in your future Master Yoda. Someplace dark, wet, smelly and swampy.

I do believe they have Bingo on Tuesdays and all the residents live in small manufactured homes with immaculate lawns.


Blogger JawaJuice said ... (10:55 AM) : 

Developing Smiter's Elbow, are you?
I hear Jar Jar's got a cure for that.
Don't you Jar Jar?


Blogger Captain Typho said ... (11:01 AM) : 

Be very careful about taking Jar Jar's potions.


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said ... (2:22 PM) : 

No kiddin'


Anonymous 2nd Padawan from the Right said ... (5:12 PM) : 

Oh Master Yoda ... Bannish all thoughts of retirement! Your in your prime. Why just the other day 3rd Padawan from the left said ..."Hey, You see that green guy over there? He's a hottie!" Now mind you, I am too young to really know what a Hottie is. I mean I know it's something important cause the older Padawans seem to get really bothered by it, (i.e. Older Padawan Chick in the middle always swoons when that no good Skywalker comes by). But I digress ... We, the nameless Padawan who fill the background and wear those goofy helmets ... we need you! Without you we'll be up to our collective Padawan @$$'s in Cheetos and Spiderman Underoos ... Sir!


Blogger Adi Gallia said ... (7:35 PM) : 

Think about it, if you retire the whole jedi race will fall into despair, and may be crazy enough to have Windu guide them which may lead to the feminizining of all men in the galaxy. Which would be bad. Then you would have to go back and help the Galaxy regain it's manlyness. Or Skywalker could take over and all people will walk around with one real arm. Or no real arms. Or the Jedi temple would be shrouded in the haze of the Cheetos. See, if you aren't there to keep order, the Jedi would be ruined.


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (9:13 PM) : 

Master Gallia,

A convincing argument you make. Think about this for another couple of decades I will. Want to make any rash decisions I do not.


Blogger Anakin Skywalker said ... (9:17 PM) : 

Wouldn't nothin be wrong if I was in charge, AG. Course, it would mean paperwork an spit an I'm not about that.


Blogger Anakin Skywalker said ... (9:18 PM) : 

Oh, an last time we were on a mission, I made a list of alllll the ways I've ever smoted somebody. I'll letcha borrow it.


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