Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dealing With the Fuel Crisis

Too expensive, speeder fuel is now. Afford to drive my airspeeder I can not. But take the bus I will not! Like I do not being in physical contact with that many people at once. Besides, smelly the bus is. And want to know why so sticky the floor is, I do not.

Fortunately, many younglings at my disposal there are. Only two or three of them at a time to tote me around, it takes. "Special training it is," I tell them. Ah, the minds of Younglings. So gullible they are.

Of course, as motivated as others, some are not.

"Master Yoda, my legs are tired."

Whiner. "Go faster you must, Harvey, or more tired your legs will be. Longer to make the trip it will take, if slow down now you do."

"But my arms hurt."

"Then hurry you better. Sooner to the drycleaner's we get, the sooner that put me down you can."

"I have to pee."

"Only 17 more blocks to go, we have. Go when we get there, you can."

"When do we get to eat?"

"If get home in time we do not, no time to make dinner will there be. Have to eat bantha brains and wookiee snot we will. Want to eat that do you? Hmm? Then go faster you must." (Actually fed those items to younglings I have not. But know that, Harvey does not. Besides, motivated by his stomach, he is. Missing the dinner bell someday, his biggest anxiety is. Threatening his dinner, the quickest way to get him to do anything is.)

As see you can, very motivational, I can be.

Comments on "Dealing With the Fuel Crisis"


Blogger Master Ki-Adi-Mundi said ... (5:45 AM) : 

Goodness Yoda...a little harsh on the younglings, aren't you?


Blogger jedisiri said ... (7:33 AM) : 

nonono younglings need this.*nod*


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said ... (10:08 AM) : 

I know what you need. You need a comedy relief sidekick to carry you around. Most of them seem to tap into an extradimensional power source for energy.

In fact, I have one that you can use, take my Monkeyboy, please.


Blogger JawaJuice said ... (11:55 AM) : 

Mundi's right, Master Yoda. Maybe a little harsh.
What you need is reliable transportation and a sidekick companion!
That’s why the producers of Survivor have decided to give you…
Bob the Bantha!!!!
I’m sure you two will hit it off well.
*Hands over the reigns*



Blogger Master Yoda said ... (12:18 PM) : 

a little harsh on the younglings, aren't you? - Master Ki-Adi-Mundi

In these difficult times of fuel shortages and other insecurities, make sacrices we all must. If deal with a little harshness the younglings must, then a sacrifice that I'm willing to make that is. Yes, so unselfish I am.

Besides, let me get my Pooper Scooter you people will not.

the producers of Survivor have decided to give you…
Bob the Bantha!!!!

Noooooo!!!! Zoned for Banthas, this part of Coruscant is not! No room we have. Oh well, maybe make a place for him in the parking garage we can, since "my other car" he will be now.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (12:40 PM) : 

There are always whiners around.

Make 'em walk.


Blogger Leia said ... (2:45 PM) : 

Riding a bantha's a good idea, since regular gas is so expensive these days.


Blogger Commando: Rage said ... (2:46 PM) : 

Master Yoda Sir! Why don't you try asking for a Republic Gunship to take you around? Sir!


Blogger Nic said ... (3:18 PM) : 

Wow! Are you sure that you never sidelined a career at a parochial school to get extra income?


Anonymous mooalex said ... (8:15 PM) : 

Greetings, Master Yoda! To commemorate 9/11, visit every single blog on my blogroll today, I have decided to do. Entertainment and enjoyment you provide; appreciate it I do. Peace and happiness for you I wish.


Blogger Anakin Skywalker said ... (9:45 PM) : 

Oh! I know! Invent some kinda way to harness the energy of Obs' biz-owels after frank-n-bean night in the cafeteria, G.


Blogger Jedi Katt said ... (5:12 AM) : 

*lol* I'm glad that I don't really love eating and I seldom feel hungry


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