Sunday, March 19, 2006

Why Tickle Yourself You Can Not and Other Important Matters

Today, sitting in the middle of the Temple living room with his shoes off and staring at his feet, Harvey the Youngling was.

"Doing what, are you, Harvey?" The question I asked, but a feeling I had that asked I should not have.

"Trying to tickle myself."

Correct, my feeling was.

"Doing that, why are you?"

"'Cause it's Monday."

"Oh," I said, pretending that sense his answer made, "You know, impossible to tickle yourself, it is."


"Yes. A fact that is. Tried, many have. Carefully chronicled in the Jedi Archives, their attempts have been. Look it up you can. Tickle yourself you can not."


"I know not."


"Because I know not."

"But I thought you knew everything, Master Yoda."

"Hee hee. Very wise I seem to you, hmm?"

"No. Just old."

"Hmph! Well old I am, but know everything I do not."

"Well, that seems like a real important thing to know. I mean, when I get real old like you, I'm gonna make sure and know real important stuff like why people can't tickle themselves."

"Good to have goals, it is."

"Say, Master Yoda, can you tickle someone with the Force?"

"Yes. The Jedi Tickle Trick, it is called. Watch this."

Just then, walking down the hallway, Windu was. "Hey Yoda, I need to talk to you. I... what the?... Hee hee! Ha ha! Hey, stop! Ha ha ha ha! Stop! Hee hee hee! No, I mean it! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Eventually, on the floor lauging uncontrollably, Windu was. "Hee hee hee hee! Ho ho ho ho ho. Please, stop! Oh God, I'm going to get wrinkles from this! A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"That was cool!" Harvey said, "Do ya have to stick your hands up and wiggle your fingers in the air like you did?"

"Yes. And say, 'coochie coochie coo', you must. Very important saying, 'coochie coochie coo', is. Or else work, the Jedi Tickle Trick will not."

"That is awesome! I'm gonna go try it!" He said, as off he ran.

"Harvey, wait! Only use the Jedi Tickle Trick only for good, and not evil, you must!" But too late, I was. Before it I knew, Force-tickling everyone and everything from the cat to tourists and senators who were visiting the Temple, Harvey was.

Created a monster, I have.


Comments on "Why Tickle Yourself You Can Not and Other Important Matters"


Blogger Professor Xavier said ... (6:28 PM) : 

That sounds like a really useful ability. Just imagine, you're at an incredibly boring dinner with the in-laws, or sitting through a tax audit, or being asked by a judge why you were doing 75 in a school zone - and suddenly everyone bursts out laughing. What a great way to make an onerous situation happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:05 PM) : 

The ole Jedi Force Tickle , Man DONT EVER get the Tickle and the Wedgie Mixed up.

Can you Imagine If ya Put yer hands In the air and then did a force wedgie instead.


Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said ... (11:54 PM) : 

tickling leads to strong laughter. srong laughter leads to peeing oneself, peeing oneself leads to the dark side


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:28 AM) : 

oohh all mothers learn this one :P


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said ... (9:17 AM) : 

Maybe the tickle will be Harvey's schtickle.


Blogger Wedge Antillies said ... (10:49 AM) : 

I would like to learn that. Maybe I can modify it to learn how to scratch my own back?

And that Harvey is very bright. He must be a powerful Jedi to pick up that trick so quickly.


Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said ... (1:05 PM) : 

How about a Force Tickle and Wedgie?


Anonymous Padawan Patty said ... (2:41 PM) : 

Hum, excuse me!

With all the laughing somebody lost their dentures.

And whoever did might want to rinse it out or something, because Bob the Bantha cooties are on it.


Blogger flu said ... (2:17 PM) : 

I wonder who Charo's been force tickling all these years?


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