Friday, March 03, 2006

This Week on Big Brother Naboo: Very Sophisticated My Art Is

This week on Big Brother Naboo, supposed to make a sculpture we were. An easy challenge for me this was, because sculpting, one of my hobbies is. Breeding Chia Pets and scrapbooking, some of my other hobbies are, but need to know that you did not.

Anyway, worried I was that appreciated by those doofuses other contestants, my art would not be. Very high-brow and sophisticated my art is. Very deep it is, too. Able to grasp it, they probably would not be.

See below you can just how sophisticated my art is.

[scroll down you must]

"The Stinker" I call it. Be intimidated by it's sophistication, do not.

Check out all of the contestant's posts, here you can.


Forget to vote for your favorite post do not! Choosing from posts 101 to 200, you will be. A little summary next to many of the post titles, my Stupid Intern wrote on the poll, so have to go back and read all of those post you will not.

Open until next Thursday, the poll will be so about a week you have. But procrastinate do not! Want a Force-wedgie do you? Hmph!


Comments on "This Week on Big Brother Naboo: Very Sophisticated My Art Is"


Anonymous medrewnotyou said ... (2:07 AM) : 

You're not just a Jedi master, you're an artistic genius! A visionary! And I even don't care much for art! Astounding!

How much do you want for it? However many credits it takes, that's ging home with me. :]


Blogger Wedge Antillies said ... (3:35 PM) : 

I am glad this is only visual art. It's good, don't get me wrong, but I don't even see a paper roll anywhere. I'm glas you did add to any other senses with your work.

Uhh, sorry, but I hear my mother calling...


Blogger Jason said ... (10:49 AM) : 

aww poor master Yoda got voted off :(


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