Friday, July 29, 2005

Serious Jedi Business

Often, about what goes on in the Jedi Council chambers, people ask me. But highly secretive about that, we must be. Very important business goes on there. Deep, weighty matters we discuss. Too serious for the general public it is.

So diplomatic and tactful I try to be with people when this question they ask me. Usually, "None of your business it is! Shoo!" I say.

But, because close we are, show you what goes on in the Council chambers I will. Yes, funny-looking you are, but trust you I still can. Just a glimpse I will give you.

However, quiet and respectful you must be. Very sacred, this hallowed place is. Very, very serious and solumn, Jedi business is.

Ok, come with me now, you can. Down the hall it is. Shhh!

A little farther the Council Chamber is.

Just a little farther it is.

Wait! Go so fast do not! Two stubby little legs I have! Keep up with you I can not!

Ok, open the door I will now. Remember, quiet and respectful you must be. Shhhhh....

*Opens door*

*Quickly slams door*

Uh oh. Er, uh, oh my. That "Barbie Show-and-Tell Day" it is, I forgot.

Anyway, a good time to remind you this is that a confidentiality agreement you signed. Go home now and forget what you saw here today you must.

**Special thanks to Byron Bay Jedi for the pic.

Comments on "Serious Jedi Business"


Anonymous hc_godess said ... (1:09 AM) : 

Master Windu looks so happy with his Barbie... she even has an afro!


Blogger jedisiri said ... (2:09 AM) : 

wow can i join it too?i have a pretty barbie too!


Blogger Anakin Skywalker said ... (2:23 AM) : 

See, if you made me a Master, I'd be able to bring in the barbie I dressed all up as Pad... erm... I mean...

*waves hand* I was never here, yo.


Anonymous Byron Bay Jedi said ... (3:27 AM) : 

Very serious business it is, indeed!

(Though remember not to lose any of the shoes, they must, or certainly great doom to the universe will result.)

The other thing that need to ask I do, is whether the Barbie Fold-Out Airspeeder Coupe, they have...?


Blogger Kit Fisto said ... (4:23 AM) : 

Master yoda, I return from the outer rim seiges to find that you have revealed a private moment between master Windu and myself! I am shocked!
I also notice that you failed to show a picture of yourself with your beloved Strawberry Shortcake doll


Blogger Captain Typho said ... (8:58 AM) : 

Is that your Barbie, Kit, or did you borrow it from your sister, Kat?


Blogger flu said ... (9:51 AM) : 

WoW! Master Windu's Barbie does have quite the big hair! Quite, I say!



Blogger jedisiri said ... (10:10 AM) :!


Anonymous The Jedi Princess said ... (10:35 AM) : 

Ack! *is terrified*

And you wonder why the Jedi have problems?


Blogger Draco-7 said ... (11:50 AM) : 

Topic for thought: if jedi have barbies, what do sith have


Anonymous hc_godess said ... (12:01 PM) : 

That's easy draco. They have the Ken dolls. An anatomically incorrect male that's always smiling *has* to be evil.


Blogger Budista a gògò said ... (12:02 PM) : 

I guess they have "Striperella´s", the dark side of the blonde.


Blogger Leia said ... (12:14 PM) : 

I've never seen Mace so happy.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (2:47 PM) : 

Is there a 'Princess Liea' Barbie?


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (2:48 PM) : 

Is there a 'Princess Liea' Barbie?


Blogger flu said ... (3:17 PM) : 

I have one, Captain.


Blogger flu said ... (3:17 PM) : 

I have one, Captain.


Blogger Leia said ... (10:01 PM) : 

The one and only.


Blogger Leia said ... (10:01 PM) : 



Blogger Jedi Amanda said ... (10:02 PM) : 

Hello,Master Yoda! I'd never dream of meeting you! Your entries are,thats it,fasinating!


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (1:49 AM) : 

Jedi Amanda,

Yes, made many young women's dreams come true I have. Wait, come out right that did not.


Blogger Dinorider d'Andoandor said ... (10:54 PM) : 

OMG mace playing with a barbie!!!... of course someone with a PINK lightsaber could... errr.... ok ... you're free to do whatever you want


Blogger Jedi Amanda said ... (10:30 PM) : 

is that malibu barbie?


Blogger Oola said ... (8:43 PM) : 

Ooh,I have the one Mace is holding!!!!


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