Monday, May 02, 2005

Why Invite Clone Troopers to a Party You Should Not

A big party I threw last night. Going well it was. Dancing people were, drinking, a good time having. Rockin' it was!

Then, show up some clone troopers had to. Invite them I did not. Too much, clone trooopers drink. All the good beer they hog, until none left there is for anyone else. And, of course, bring any beer or food these troopers did not. Invite them Kenobi did, it turns out.

"Why invite them did you?!" I asked.

"Never they get out. A chance to meet new people they need." A sap Kenobi is.

Awkward it got. A big snafu I made. Introduce AF-458 as AF-459, I did. But not my fault it was! Tell the difference I cannot! So embarassed I was! Invite clone troopers I do not, this is why!

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