Friday, April 29, 2005

Attention Young Skywalker:

Attention Young Skywalker - calling me your "little green monkey" you will stop! Old am I, but kick your butt I still can! Too big you are not! Even if the Chosen One you are, care I do not!

Know what I am going to do with the boy I do not. Tell him anything you can not. Every time the airspeeder he borrows, another scratch or dent it comes back with. No longer afford the insurance I can. Think I'm a bank he seems to. Always asking for money he is. Grow on trees money does not!

All the time listen to Kenobi I have to about how close to the Dark Side the boy is becoming. Well I say have him the Dark Side can! Put up with his crap let them for a change! Worth the trouble he is not!

Comments on "Attention Young Skywalker:"


Anonymous Darth Scientist said ... (12:37 PM) : 


I suggest amputation. Perhaps the left hand or foot?

Yes certainly the foot. It will make the operating the speeder more... challenging. Good practice in using the force. Indeed. Good practice.

But I think you can keep him. The future doesn't look so good with him hanging about around me. I see flashy lightning and a big explosion. My postgrad students have wrought more than enough damage to my lab.


Blogger minishorts said ... (3:33 AM) : 

detention sounds pretty solid a method.


Anonymous Darth Vader said ... (10:04 AM) : 

Dear Yoda,

I had no idea you were still alive!

How are you, my old friend?

Why don't you stop by for a spot of tea?

Come alone.


D. Vader


Blogger Master Yoda said ... (7:33 PM) : 

Darth Vader,

To ambush me you want, hmmm? Stupid I am you think, hmm? Fool me you do not.

On now it is! On it is like Donkey Kong!

Besides, I know what put you in your "tea". Fall for that again I will not.


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